Vlad-GendelmanDr. Vlad Gendelman

Orthopedic Surgeon


Dr. Vlad Gendelman, MD, QME is an orthopedic surgeon who has offices in Los Angeles and Encino, CA.  Dr. Gendelman is a very good Doctor who I came across him in a rather roundabout way.  I have a client who injured his knee in an accident.  I referred him to another orthopedic surgeon that I know who recommended knee surgery, but my client was not sure that he really accepted this, of course nobody wants to undergo an unnecessary operation, so my client sought out a second opinion on his own with Dr. Gendelman.  Dr. Gendelman seconded the opinion of the first surgeon I had sent me client to, and confirmed that in fact he did need surgery.

What was amazing though about Dr. Gendelman was that he said “We’ll do the surgery, don’t worry about it.

When the case is settled, we could get paid for it.”  I was very happy with this because my client could get the kind of treatment he needed without any up front out of pocket cost.  This  included the surgeons fee and the surgery center fee which would normally be 30,000 dollars or so.  Dr. Gendelman did a very good job and my client recovered fully.  When the case was settled Dr. Gendelman actually reduced his bill and the surgery center’s bill, which he is connected to, enabling my client to also receive a good recovery in his pocket.  

It was a win-win situation because the client got the type of treatment he needed to obtain an excellent recovery, both physically and monetarily and my office became acquainted with an excellent orthopedic surgeon who we have since sent a number of injured clients.  Whether or not a client needs surgery I think is very important to have a credible doctor who says yes they need surgery or no they do not.  If they do say they need surgery I feel no compunction whatsoever sending them to Dr. Gendelman who will do the best for the client, wait to collect until the case is settled, and work with us to ensure not only the best physical recovery, but also a good financial one.