Auto Club Car Accident Claims

Video Transcript

Automobile Club, interestingly enough, has become somewhat better, as far as evaluating cases and pain, what a case is worth, than they were in the past, which is the opposite of many insurance companies. And hopefully, they won’t go back to their bad ways.

About 20 years or so ago, Automobile Club was one of the worst insurance companies. They never evaluated cases fairly. They never made fair offers. We would probably go to court on over 70%, maybe 80% of the Automobile cases. But surprisingly enough, they have gotten better. We’re usually happy and maybe it’s a type of public relations thing to reflect on them as an insurance company, and maybe get more insureds from the pool of drivers out there in Southern California. We’re usually happy when we’re dealing with Automobile Club because they’re one of the few insurance companies now that actually use an adjuster who’s a human being, and not put everything into a computer program and you deal with a different adjuster all the time.

An adjuster is assigned at the begining of the case. They are usually the one who handles it to the very end through resolution. Even if you go to trial or you’re headed towards trial the adjuster is the same person who takes your client’s statement to try to find out what kind of witness they make. They are the adjuster that the defense attorney gives his summaries to.

So we don’t have that many cases against Automobile Club at the present time that are in litigation. And hopefully they stay that way, because the number of insurance companies that are dealing fairly with clients and people that are injured in car accidents is getting less and less. Most of them are getting worse, unfortunately.

And if we have attorneys who do not stand up to these insurance companies, who do not fight them all the way, if they have to, then it’s only going to get worse. So that would be my recommendation, that you go with an attorney who is willing to take your case all the way, if necessary.