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The large majority of bicycle accidents are caused by negligent drivers who fail to observe bicyclists around them. These drivers may turn into a bicyclist, swerve into a bike path or open their door without checking to make sure there is not a bicyclist behind them.

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Unfortunately, due to the lack of protection that a bicycle provides, many of these accidents are catastrophic or fatal.

If you or a loved one have been injured or killed in a bicycle accident due to the negligence of another, you have a right to pursue compensation for medical costs, pain and suffering, and lost wages.

At the Law Offices of Elia J. Castranova, we are committed to helping accident victims and their family members get the financial support they need to rebuild their lives. To schedule a free consultation with Encino bicycle accident attorney Elia J. Castranovacontact us online or call (818)284-4779.

Maximizing Compensation for Bike Accident Victims

Bicycling is an economical and environmentally friendly mode of transportation. As the popularity of bicycling has increased, so has the number of accidents involving a bike and a motor vehicle. Injuries suffered in a bike accident can include head, neck and back injuries, broken bones and wrongful death.

Mr. Castranova will carefully investigate your accident to determine how it occurred and who is responsible for your injuries. He will explore every possible avenue of compensation in your case, including the negligent driver’s insurance company, your own uninsured/under-insured motorist coverage (UM/UIM) or a family member’s auto policy. With more than 30 years of experience representing accident victims, Mr. Castranova knows where to find applicable coverage that will maximize the compensation you receive.

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In bicycle accidents where a bicyclist is hit by the chassis of a motor vehicle and thrown to the ground, injuries can be pretty horrific.  These injuries commonly include fractures of the arms, legs, or pelvis, as well as foot and neck injuries.  Because injuries sustained in bicycle accidents are typically pretty severe, insurance companies do tend to take them very seriously.  I have had two cases recently where the bicycle drivers were riding on the sidewalk, and yet we were able to recover from the insurance company for their injuries.  In the county of Los Angeles, there is no law against riding one’s bicycle on the sidewalk, in fact it is perfectly legal to do so.  But these cases do become more difficult when the bicyclist is in TRUCK ACCIDENTS.

In the case that a pedestrian, a motorcyclist, or an automobile driver is involved in an accident with a “big rig” truck, the results can be devastating.  When you consider the sheer weight and size of a tractor trailer or another large truck in comparison to a person, even a person in a passenger vehicle, it is easy to see the danger present in these accidents.  In these types of truck related accidents injuries are often very severe, including such injuries as fractures, disc bulges, disc herniation, paralysis, and even fatalities.  Truck accident cases require, on the part of the attorney, extensive discovery in documentation that not only is the truck driver or truck company at fault, but perhaps they were negligent in some other way as well. (kw bicycle accident lawyer Encino)?.

When these accidents occur and the injuries are severe, the main thing to keep in mind regarding negotiations with the insurance company for trucking companies is that they usually have very high limits, upwards of a million dollars and sometimes virtually no limit at all.  So, it is important when handling severe bicycle accident cases that we not sell your case short by accepting settlements that are far lower than what you would obtain from a jury’s judgment in a court of law.  When facing litigation our office will launch an extensive discovery process.  A common violation involves drivers exceeding maximum allowed driving hours before minimum rest is required, often resulting in driver fatigue, so we would take a look at driver logs.  We will also look at the trucking company’s maintenance records, which are public record and frequently found in online databases, for frequency in servicing including brake maintenance.  Many of these larger trucks have built in computers that will show all performed maintenance.

Frequently when a big rig is involved in an accident, the driver may cause an accident, or side swipe a passenger vehicle without even knowing that it happened, or the driver may refuse to admit that it happened.  So what we have to try to show, because there are not always witnesses, is that there is some other lapse on the part of the truck driver or trucking company.  These same computers through which we discover maintenance history could also provide very valuable information about the accident.  Such facts could include the time in which the breaking began, the time that the impact actually occurred, the speed of the truck before the brakes were applied, and the speed of the truck at the time of the collision.  Our firm believes that this information, which can usually be accessed rather easily, can be instrumental in these truck accident cases.  With proper discovery practices and the help of experts in interpreting gathered information we are able to determine if there were any violations in laws or customary industry safety procedures, which could aid tremendously in obtaining the recovery our clients deserve. (kw bicycle accident lawyer encino).

I  have had cases where bicyclists have been hit by trucks on the road.  Frequently we have accidents where the mirror of a large truck that sticks out will hit the bicyclist, knocking them down and causing significant injuries.  In very many of these cases, this goes unnoticed by the truck driver, or the driver just does not stop.  In these situations were we don’t have an ID on the driver or license plate of the truck that hit the driver, there is no way to recover from the third party’s insurance.  But, often the client, or a relative they are living with has car insurance where they could be covered under the uninsured motorist provisions of that policy.  So simple, because the ID of a vehicle is unknown in a bicycle accident, this does not mean the bicyclist is without remedy.  Our office will investigate all sources of recovery as well as see to it that our client is treated by proper orthopedic specialists in order to ensure the maximum possible recovery in all bicycle accident cases.