Lane departure warnings may hurt more than help, study says

On behalf of Law Offices of Elia J. Castranova posted in car accidents on Friday, July 6, 2012

It seems that every so often, it’s announced that some new form of technology will help prevent car accidents. The idea, of course, is to help drivers cope if an emergency situation arises or if they veer off course. For the most part, this technology saves lives. However, a new study shows that lane departure warning systems may not be living up to the hype, and in fact may be doing more harm than good.

According to a study conducted by the Highway Loss Data Institute, property damage liability claims filed by people in accidents actually increased slightly for vehicles with lane departure warning systems. The institute would not say by how much, noting that it was statistically insignificant, but it’s still worth noting since most other safety systems seem to make a noticeable difference in the reduction of car crashes.