Pokemon Go Accidents

Pokemon Go game has caused a lot of accidents in Los Angeles including car accidents, distracted driving accidents, pedestrian injury as well as numerous slip and fall accidents.

It might serve as a motivation Americans to get out and about and be more physically active. Sadly, the truth isn’t quite as nice and there are many cases where the game has lead to accidents. Death, damage to property, as well as motor vehicle collisions have happened due to the Pokemon Go game. While meant for entertainment one must also take the hazards connected with the game into consideration. It’s essential that you realize your rights should you become a casualty of the hottest craze that is Pokemon Go.

The last thing motorists need is one more reason to be distracted behind the wheel. Unfortunately, there is now another cause of distracted driving which is have been Pokemon Go. The game enables motorists to hunt for and even catch Pokemon while cruising the highway or driving on residential streets. This (like other forms of distracted driving) puts everybody in serious danger of an accident or even death…

If you have been involved in an accident due to Pokemon Go and have suffered injuries please call for your free consultation. As with any accident gather information from the other motorist, including their name, telephone number, address, license plate number, driving license number, and insurance information. Promptly report the crash to the authorities and seek medical attention if you are injured. Frequently, you might not see or feel injuries and pain right away, but you should speak to a physician to ensure your health is fine. Keep receipts for other expenses such prescriptions, co payments, etc.
Do what you can to remember and (if possible) take photographs of the vehicles which were involved with the crash and be sure to save these.

If you have been injured in any type of personal injury or auto accident due to Pokemon Go do not hesitate to call my office for a free consultation. Don’t spend a penny on medical treatments until your case is settled call now 1-888-503-4188