Truck Accidents Resulting in Wrongful Death

When a large, heavy truck collides with a car, motorcycle or pedestrian, the injuries suffered can be fatal.  If your loved one was killed in a truck accident caused by another party, you have a right to seek compensation for your loss.

  • The Castranova Law Offices obtained a large settlement when I was hurt by a drunk driver even though I had no car insurance.
    Paul Demelo
  • Mr Castranova went to trial on my case and was victorious when the other party tried to wrongfully take my home.
    Sarah Entz
  • Mr Castranova got my son a generous settlement in court when he was injured in a school ground accident, he can now have a more secure future.
    Laura Nelson
  • Mr Castranova will fight for you in court. He got me settlement of over $700,000 when the bus company that injured me did not want to compensate me for my injuries.
    Gale Peterman

At the Law Offices of Elia J. Castranova, we understand that no amount of compensation can make up for your incredible loss.  However, we have found that bringing negligent truck drivers to justice can provide a sense of closure for those who are left behind.

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Maximum Compensation for All of Your Losses

When a truck accident occurs, there may be multiple negligent parties.  From the truck company and the person who loaded the rig to the owner of the truck and the driver, we will pursue all avenues of compensation to get you the financial support you need. Fatal truck accidents can be caused by:

  • Equipment failure
  • Driver fatigue
  • Drunk driving
  • Speeding
  • Inattentive or distracted driving
  • Poor weather conditions
  • Carelessness or incompetence

Mr. Castranova will complete a full investigation into the cause of your accident, working with an expert accident investigator or re-constructionist when needed.  He will determine all parties who may be responsible for your loved one’s accident.  We understand the liability issues that arise in wrongful death cases, and we will aggressively pursue the maximum amount of compensation for all of your losses.

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Wrongful death incidents are perhaps the most horrendous incidents that can occur, not just for the person who is killed or who dies as a result of the negligence but also for their loved ones.  The recovery for his or her family is not only the loss of the deceased financial support if they are the breadwinner or a financial contributor, but also recovery in wrongful death cases is based largely on the loss of the love, support, and companionship of the person who passed away.  As you could expect, whether it is the spouse, children, or parents of the person who is killed, the loved ones are impacted greatly.  In these cases families are robbed of the presence of a loved one who would be there as a source of physical or emotional support and contribute significantly to the well being of the family.  I have represented many families in wrongful death accidents in both auto accidents and medical malpractice.  We have had many cases involving negligence of doctors or hospitals in which clients who have undergone seemingly minor run of the mill procedures have not survived.

I had one case involving wrongful death where a middle aged gentleman went in for a fairly minor gallbladder surgery.  He had undergone a previous surgery in his abdomen and had a considerable amount of scar tissue.  The doctor elected to perform a laparoscopic procedure where they go in with a very small probe and perform the surgery under visualization from a camera rather than opening the person up.  But this type of procedure is not advised in a case where the patient has scar tissue because the scope and the other instruments that are put into the abdomen are not as effective in finding the areas that need to be operated on.  In this particular case the doctor stuck a trocar, a type of tube used to assist surgery, into the abdomen lacerating the patient’s liver and the gentleman bled to death on the operating table.  This is just one of many tragic cases of medical malpractice where a bad decision on the part of a surgeon resulted in the wrongful death of a loving husband, father, and active member of the community.

In another wrongful death case involving medical malpractice, we had a young woman who underwent liposuction surgery in an outpatient surgery center setting.  She had surgery to large sections of her body including her arms, her abdomen, and her legs.  During the procedure her blood pressure dropped precipitously.  The anesthesiologist noted this and informed the doctor, but the doctor chose to ignore the warning and continue on with the liposuction rather than call 911.  By the time the doctor called the emergency services, the young woman was transferred to the hospital but she passed away upon arrival.  Once again a seemingly simple procedure ended in the wrongful death of an important member of the family.  I represented the son and we were able to collect the maximum allowed in the state of California.

In one wrongful death case involving a car accident, I represented a family in a situation that was particularly sad.  There was a family outing in Imperial County and they were on their way in the family van when a large tractor trailer truck ran through a top sign resulting in a horrendous T-Bone collision.  When I took the deposition of the driver of the tractor trailer truck he said that he had bent down to change a CD in the radio, taking his eyes off the road just long enough to run the stop sign.  The accident was particularly terrible, flipping the van and nearly severing it in half.  The grandmother and her twenty year old grandson were killed on the spot.  The loss of two family members across multiple generations was devastating to their tight knit family loving community.  We could not agree with the insurance company on a suitable settlement, so we took it to court where we were able to obtain a fairly good judgment, compensating the family for this horrendous wrongful death accident significantly more than the insurance company was originally offering.

The main thing to remember in a wrongful death case is that we have to document the relationship between the deceased person and their loved ones, who are bringing the case.  This could be accomplished through sharing diary entries that the heirs might have kept, through family videos, photographs, or a “day in the life” presentation where you show the family as it was when the deceased was alive in contrast to how it is now. The goal is to highlight the substantiality of the loss of this person in order to show the significance of the wrongful death to the insurance company or the selected jury in order to obtain appropriate compensation.

One example of a wrongful death I recently handled was that of a young lady who was in a vehicle on the way to the DMV when a gas company truck ran a stop sign resulting in a gruesome and fatal car accident.  She sustained a severely fractured skull that actually exposed her brain.  Emergency services responded very quickly, but by the time she arrived at the hospital, she was deceased.  I represented the father who had been long estranged from the family.  He had never married the mother and had not seen the daughter in over 20 years.  When he finally came back into her life, about a year and a half before the accident that caused her death, she had been struggling with a very serious drug problem.  She had been through rehab many times, but had been unable to kick the habit.  After just happening to bump into the mother in a market, my client became very actively involved in his daughter’s life.  Very fortuitously, the father had been through rehab himself and had become a drug counselor.  He saw her every week, counseled her, helped her with her drug problems by getting her involved in a program that was more successful, and became a vital part of her life.  The last six months of her life were the best she had had in years.  She was clean, had started a new job, and was beginning to settle into a new career.  Things were looking up and she had the rest of her life to look forward to.  From the father’s perspective, he had found a loving relationship in a daughter that he had never known.  When this sudden and devastating car accident snatched this blossoming young woman from the lives of her loved ones, it was just a terrible thing for everyone involved.  By showing that the father had come back, redeemed himself in the eyes of his daughter, and helped her to turn her life around, we were able to establish the great loss of this wrongful death accident.  We brought a wrongful death case against the gas company and was able to recover a settlement of over a million dollars that was divided between the father and the mother.