UBER car accident insurance in Los Angeles

Uber car accident claims are now handled by a specialized Insurance policy however this policy still has gaps within it coverage.

Elia Castranova has developed the skills needed to evaluate a wide array of personal injury cases involving Uber drivers and established solid relationships with highly competent medical professionals. Finding the proper specialist who will ensure the highest level of care for our client while working with us financially is paramount in ensuring the highest level of recovery. The most important thing to me is that the client will be made whole financially and hopefully physically as well. ” It is of utmost importance to myself and my staff that we not allow our clients to be taken advantage of by anyone, so we make it our priority to properly advocate for their well being.”

Elia is able to offer his clients both calm guidance and legal expertise in a wide range of personal injury practice areas. Whatever the severity of the accident, he knows first hand the importance of the best medical specialists in establishing a case against the responsible party.
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