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After a car accident, How can a Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney help you with Your clainm in respect of a Uber
Elia J. Castranova is a specialist car accident attorney in Encino, Los Angeles. He looks at the recent Uber services in terms of the liability of Uber drivers involved in auto accidents

With over 30 years of experience in the variety of injuries sustained in auto accidents, he has obtained tens of millions of dollars in settlements and judgments on behalf of injured clients, as well as for the families of loved ones who were injured or lost their lives in a catastrophic auto accident. Over his career Elia has developed long term relationships with top doctors enabling his clients to receive the finest medical care with no out of pocket cost.

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Video Transcript

As you may know, Uber has become a fairly popular mode of transportation in most urban centers in the United States. It is a ride-sharing network in which a person who owns a private vehicle is an independent contractor. And they [INAUDIBLE] Uber to receive notifications to pick up folks and take them to their destinations. Rather than hiring a taxicab, which would be, in many instances, much more expensive, you can summon an Uber vehicle by an [INAUDIBLE] smartphone in which you put down your destination. And they give you a price. And then you’re picked up by that private individual.

The only problem arises when you’re involved in an accident with someone driving an Uber vehicle, or you are a passenger in an Uber vehicle. The terms of all insurance policies exclude coverage, liability coverage, when a vehicle is used for hire. This is not a problem when you’re dealing with taxi services, because those are usually major companies. But you when you’re dealing with a person who’s a driver of an Uber hired [INAUDIBLE], that is a private vehicle. So if it is determined by their insurance company that they were hiring out their car to give folks rides, then they would most likely decline coverage.

If you are driving in your own vehicle and you are hit by somebody that’s driving an Uber vehicle and there’s no coverage under [INAUDIBLE] policy, then you will be out of luck unless you have uninsured motorist coverage. Also, if you’re riding in an Uber vehicle and it is the Uber driver’s fault in an accident, you would be [INAUDIBLE] coverage by the Uber driver’s insurance policy, and you would hopefully have some kind of uninsured motorist coverage. If you don’t, then you could not collect anything for your injuries.

So it’s very important to determine whether [INAUDIBLE] you yourself have coverage. And most people use Uber vehicles because they don’t have cars. So that’s a problem. The legislature in California and the governor of California have recently negotiated terms with Uber and Lift and these other ride [INAUDIBLE] networks to make sure that they provide a basic coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. But if there’s a serious accident, this will not necessarily be enough coverage. So that is something to keep in mind when you are riding in an Uber vehicle or you are involved in an accident with someone who is driving an Uber vehicle.